Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Projects complete....

As posted before, I decided to make some stuff for holiday wear this year. Maybe you remember this photo...

First, I made the girls traditional Christmas Eve Jammies... though they were allowed to bust them out for the Polar Express ride we took last weekend. (Though, shannon's shirt needed alterations, so she was just wearing pants and a make shift shirt). For Christmas Eve night, she gets the full set.

Next I made each of them a skirt.. yes, matching skirts, to wear on Christmas Eve. They were super easy, the easiest pattern ever! Really. It is a pattern a friend shared by Oliver and S called the Lazy Days Skirt. Takes about 15 minutes to make. Though, I think a different material might hang better, I was happy with how they turned out.

Finally, I made them little courderoy jumpers for Christmas day. These I love. I love the simple look, and I love the girls in any type of overalls.

This is the before...

And then when all was complete...

The girls will look great. To see pictures of these outfits on the girls, you will have to check out the family blog at shaverfamilyfun.blogspot after Christmas. : )

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Future Home Site

Recently we purchased a lot in Newberg. We plan to build a house in a few years, but for now, found the lot for a good deal. It is a bit over 10 acres, designated forest land, and located about 10 mins from hwy 99. While I am looking forward to my children growing up on this land, exploring the trees, building forts and having ample room to explore and use their imagination.... I am happy that we get to enjoy living in McMinnville and our current home for atleast a couple more years.

Here are some pics, though they really don't do the land justice.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The challenge

So, my husband has been biking a lot this year, while I have been running. So, he had this great idea.. lets challenge each other in the new year. He will bike 1000 miles, if I run 1000k. January 1, to Dec 31.

Bring it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I love winter

Winter has always been a special season, as it represents what growing up in Alaska is all about! I must say, I do miss much about the Alaskan winters... the big sky of Fairbanks at night, the Northern Lights, the feeling of fresh snow on the ground.... it will always warm my heart to think of these.

This winter, we may or may not be blessed with the snow from last year.... but we have already had a cold spell to remind us it is winter. We recently drove through the Gorge, and this is how Multnomah Falls looked during the cold spell.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas projects...

Every year, our family gets new Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve. It is a tradition that my parents had for us when we were little, and I have continued in my family....(I think it is one of the few traditions I have continued...)

Last year, after Christmas I bought a ton of material on sale and planned to make the jammies this year. Of course, I would wait til December, wouldn't I?? Anyway, it is time to start them.. Here is the material and the pattern...

Also, I have decided to make the girls holiday dresses and skirts. I have all the supplies, now I just need to get started. I am going to use a pattern a friend sent me, called the Lazy Days skirt with the plaid material, then with the courderoy, I am going to make little jumpers. I am excited to spend time on the sewing machine!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Baking

As Christmas approaches, I have started my annual traditions of making fudge and baking. This year, I am also going to attempt to make Angel Food candy, a candy my grandma has always made but I never seem to get to work just right.

This year, the weather was cool but clear (a major ingredient according to my grandma), so I began my endeavor...

First you cook up the sugar, corn syrup and vinegar til very hot (310 degrees). Then you add baking soda, stir quickly and pour into a pan. Next you get out of the room to hope it sets up fluffy. Yeah.. for the most part, it worked.. not quite as fluffy as grandma's, but not too bad. Now, we break it up, and coat it in melted chocolate. And here it is....

It doesn't look so good until you get it all coated with the chocolate... but it is addicting to eat!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Time to read...

So, somehow I have gotten into this routine of watching t.v at bed time, instead of reading. I used to read a ton. I used to go through a book every couple days. I even remember certain books that I could not put down and would finish in a day.... those days are gone. Now, I have a stack of books on my nightstand, yet I was finding myself at night saying I was too tired, then turning on the t.v. Well, a couple weeks ago I decided I did not like this habit and since then have not turned the tv on once... instead I am enjoying reading again. I have finished one book already and am deep in the second.... I still have a few to go!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving Day. I will spend the day with my wonderful children and Kyle, my best friend whom I adore. I will cook a meal that will be full of nutrition and pleasure (aka not nutrition). I will be in a warm home, with many many comforts at my disposal. I will call family members who are so far away in miles, but available at the push of a button. I may even get to "see" some family through on line chatting.

Blessed. That is my life. I am so very thankful that I have so much... so many necessities and extras.... so very many blessings.... I know there are those in this country and world who do not have as much to be thankful for!

I plan to spend the day focused on my blessings and what I have to be thankful for...

I hope you and yours are equally blessed this holiday.

God Bless.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday 2

Today, the thing most on my mind is health. As my girls have been sick the past two weeks, I have been feeling stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and beat down. When little ones are sick, it is so hard on the parents... you want to make them feel better and to take the best care of them you can, but you quickly become exhausted. I find it trying to keep my patience in balance when they are so needy, though I know this need stems from their illness, not my childs inner demon trying to drive me crazy (though i do have to remind myself of this a couple times a day).

I am thankful that I have never had to bring either of my kiddos to the ER, thankful that my husband helps on this a bit... but mostly it is due to their good health. We have not had any major major illness or accidents. H1N1 was the worst this past week, but we made it through to the other side!!!

I am thankful I live somewhere where health care is accessible to me, and that I feel confident in the care provided. Not everyone has this, and that is a tragedy. Especially young children.

This seems like something dull to be thankful for in times like these, at the same time, it is on the forefront of my mind!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday 2

So, technically this post is a little late, as it is not really Thursday anymore.. but thanks to blogspot letting me date it when ever I like, you all will never know the difference, right?

This Thankful Thursday I am thankful for my extended family... on both sides... or, on all sides.... :) At our last MOPS meeting (Mothers of Preschoolers, a moms group I am part of) the topic we discussed was family, specifically extended family. We talked about how our relationships with members of our family change as we become parents and they become parents or grandparents/aunts/uncles.

In preparation for this meeting and then during and after, I have thought a lot about family recently. We moved back to Oregon to be closer to family, as we wanted our little one (only one at the time), to know her family... especially grandparents. We are blessed to be "near" many family members (both kyles brothers and his parents are really a drive away.. plus my dad and one of my sisters). I look forward to the kiddos growing up knowing each other and having memories of playing with their cousins.

In terms of my relationships with my family and Kyle's family, they have changed a lot through the years... as a result of many things- time, children, etc. I do think having kids has brought me even closer to my sisters, though i think time has really been the factor there. My outlook on their parenting has certainly changed as I navigated this road... it is harder than it looks, and many times I have had to sheepishly eat my words or thoughts for what I had said or thought before I had kids. I also think I have grown closer to my sister in law since she had a baby.. not sure if it is because we both are moms as much as our schedules more align so chatting on the phone is easier. plus, she is just such an easy person to talk to and be around...

My MIL and FIL are great. They are caring, loving people who will do anything for you. There are times when living closer has challenged me, but I am so very thankful to be a part of this family. they are so such good people, and have raised amazing children who are now inspiring adults. I love Kyle.. I love the man he is, and I know this is because of how his parents raised him. I love that my children adore their grandparents. and they are adored.

as for my parents. you know, time has healed a lot of wounds.... forgiveness is key. but the reality is this, there was a lot of time missed and you cannot get that back. while forgiveness is possible, forgetting is not. and thus, there will always be that missing in my relationship with my parents. I do not carry anger any more, rather choose to look forward. There are moments when I think about what could have been, and I do feel cheated. In the end, though, this is true: i am proud of the person I am ... the life I am living, the family we have built. And I would not change my past, as it has help guide me to where I am now. And I am so very blessed.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday 1

Since it is November, and this is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving... and it is right before Advent begins.. I wanted to focus more this month on the blessings in my life and what I have to be thankful for... and let me tell you it is a lot.

For the first thankful thursday, I thought of God. Yes, God. You know, if you knew me back in high school.. or even college, this may surprise you. I didn't grow up religious, and even at one point questioned His existence..not in a passing, angry way.. but in a serious, searching way. I was at a point in my life where I was searching. I came to a true crossroad in my heart... I new something was missing in my life, and I wanted to believe and let my faith lead me... yet I was afraid. Afraid to relinquish the control that I thought I had.. afraid that if I let my faith lead me, as it should, I could no longer control my future.... but then I had the amazing realization that faith does not make you lose control, it rather shows you who is really in control, and that you are not losing anything.. rather gaining Him. Gaining the Father we all need.

I am thankful that He led me to join the church, led me to open my heart and begin living the life He had planned for me. God also led me to let go of anger, hurt, and other feelings that were hardening my heart and keeping me from living the life I was supposed to and from being the person I wanted and should be.

I still struggle daily with issues of control.... and with growing my faith. I worry about raising children who will truly know God, love God and be a blessing to Him and all those they meet. Again, this worrying is not necessary...but like all people, I am a sinful being and continually fall short... but then I get back up and keep trying, as He wants us to.

I am thankful God is the center of our family (though again, sometimes I forget and think I am.. :) ), and that with Him, all things are possible.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hippie Chicks here we come

So, I did it.. I signed up for the Hippie Chick Half Marathon. It is mothers day weekend 2010... so, i have plenty of time to get ready for the 13 miles. The race is in Champoeg Park, which is near our house... we will probably camp there for the weekend.. as it is a great place. I am so excited to do this, and have quite a few wonderful women I know racing too!! Should be a fun event for us, regardless of how long we take to finish!!! :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

From the vine to the bottle!!!

Friends from Sejourne Winery called... they were getting a lot of their grapes delivered at one time, and were in need of help sorting. Harvest is a busy time for all the wineries around here... and we were only too excited to help out.

Our job was sorting the grapes... They arrive in these large bins, and we go through.. pull out the debris (leaves, etc), then pull the nice grapes...

and put them in this....

Then.. magically (or by some genius of engineering), the grapes get removed from the stems and put into a large container... where they, depending on variety, they may stay up to a month to ferment. These are Pino Noir that have been fermenting for a month.

Then, the above grapes are put into the press... and look!! unaged wine coming out, ready to go into the barrell!!!

It was amazing to watch (and be part of) the production process of a product we have come to enjoy so much! Thank you to the Howard family!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Locks of Love

So, I went in for a hair cut yesterday... nothing extraordinary about that.... I told my hairdresser I wanted to cut off some length, get a little more style that is easy to maintain, etc. I told her I was up for most anything. She then told me if I went "This" short... I would have 10 inches- enough to donate my pony tail to make wigs for children and women affected by cancer!!! Now, this was only a couple inches shorter than I had, why not? It is only hair, and grows back!! So, now I have this new do.... :) It IS a little shorter than I wanted, but will grow to the perfect length in no time!!

Thinking about cutting your hair? Look into having yours donated!! What a great cause.. especially during October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Day

Today is a special day for many women and families.... it is a day for those who have suffered a loss of pregnancy or stillbirth. While I have been blessed to have never suffered this loss directly, I know a lot of friends and family who have. I know that I will never fully understand the impact this loss has on a woman or her family, but I do know my heart aches for them... Tonight I lit a candle for all of you.. a candle that represents the little one that left before you really got to know him/her... the little one waiting with God to embrace you when you enter His kingdom. Until then, may these candles bring you a little closer to healing and peace.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Be Pink!!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Most women know this. Most women have been touched by this disease either directly or indirectly. My great grandmother had breast cancer. She got it when she was pretty old, and had her breast removed... to her it was no big deal. It was late in life, she expected to be ill as an old lady, she had no side effects, no chemo, no cancer. Just no left breast. She used to joke that they were saggy anyway, so it was one less thing for her to worry about.

Then about 5 years ago, one of my best friends from high school called me. She was crying. She told me she had breast cancer, and she thought she was going to have to have surgery immediately to remove her breast as the tumor was growing fast. She called me on a Monday, and thought the surgery was going to be on a Friday. My heart dropped. We were not even 30... she was too young, too beautiful, too sweet for this to be happening to her.

In the end, she did not have the surgery that week.. instead she began a long, windy road to becoming a survivor that began with chemo and along the way included stops at radiation, mastectomy on one breast, then on the other breast, and reconstruction. All along the way, she was a role model of strength and love. She met each struggle with conviction, faith and and unfailing sense that she would survive!! She did. She became cancer free, and has been for a while now.

Her journey with breast cancer did not end there, though, as she began working as a volunteer with others who were diagnosed with this disease. Her journey took to her conferences and mission trips in places like India and Australia!!! A few weeks ago she wrote about her most recent stop on this journey, and a realization that she wanted to do more than survive... she wanted to thrive. In her words...

"After having breast cancer 5 years ago, I thought I knew what it meant to survive and I think I had the right idea: you look the odds against you straight in the eyes and walk forward never giving in. The dictionary says “to endure or live though.” Check- did that and doing it every day... I also thought I knew what it means to thrive: “to grow or develop vigorously; to flourish.” I feel strong, happy and blessed. I feel that I’m continuously working toward being a better person as well as seeking fulfilling experiences by taking the time to truly appreciate all that life has to offer. ...and though I know the definition of thrive; I really felt it in my core being. I am actively participating in the joyful journey to succeed in my survival. The world can throw its curveballs, fast balls, ticking time-bombs…you name it and I can take it! If I don’t feel like I can sometimes, I know there is an amazing wealth of support and energy that I have just discovered and it is infinite and beautiful. When I look at the pictures, I see all the amazing and beautiful eyes that revealed souls of gold and I start to smile and tear-up. The world will never be the same and I’m all the happier for it. Thank you for helping me survive to thrive!"

Shelley has just started a new job in Alaska, working to provide additional support and resources to other women who have breast cancer.. I wish you luck in this new job, and know that many women will be greatly impacted by the work you do!

Thank you Shelley... for being you... for being someone who shows us all how to go beyond surviving.. to thrive!!! I love you.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


As I mentioned before, this is the time of year in my former life that was hectic with work. So, naturally, I have spent a lot of time this past month or two thinking about and talking with friends about work and work memories, current and past!! It makes me a little nastalgic. Almost makes me get out the old resume, add a few lines and send it off. But then I think about the time clock, and having to be there at a set time, and dropping the girls off with some random person to spend the day... and I realize that is just not going to work.

I am blessed to be able to stay home. Many folks do not have this choice. It is true. When we first decided that I would stay home (it was a family decision, really).. I had all these delusions- delusions of ample time to sew, craft, scrapbook.... playing and crafting with my kiddos for hours in a house that was super clean.

Then I began my journey as a SAHM (stay at home mom). At first, I was thrilled. Then I realized I did not know anyone else who stayed home, except one friend who was expecting. I started to feel lonely and unscheduled. I realized my calendar was no longer filled with meetings.... actually, I didn't even need a calendar anymore. In an effort to get out of the house, I started going to the library story time, but quickly realized Allie was a tad young, and I spent the time chasing her instead of her listening. I tried out Lil Gym classes, swimming, etc. All in an effort to have something to put on my calendar and an excuse to get out of the house.

After a few months, I hit a wall. Kyle had gone hunting for the week, leaving me home alone... which doesn't seem like a big deal, but when I was already feeling lonely... this was just the icing on the cake. By the time he got home, I was downright frustrated and angry. Instead of talking to him about this, I became passive aggressive. And a couple nights later, during one of Allie's wake ups at 4 in the morning, we had our real first fight. Now, by fight, i dont mean raised voices. If you know Kyle, you know this is not his mode of operation-even when provoked and we know I have tried to provoke this type of emotion!! Anyway, by the time we got up in the morning I realized that Kyle was not the problem. Allie was not the problem. I was the problem. For so long I had prided myself on my work, on my independence. I had always enjoyed my job, and felt challenged while successful. These feelings were important. And they were gone. I did not necessarily view my new role in the same light and struggled with my new identity.

So, I tried to start again. I realized I needed more, and should not feel guilty admitting this. So, I got involved in my church, taking on some roles and jobs that gave me an outlet. I also joined a MOPS group. I began to spend some time with other moms who stayed home and found myself able to once again focus on this new amazing role ....and the blessings that I had. I was home and witnesses all the firsts.. rolling, crawling, walking, words. I began to feel successful in my job as a mom. I remembered that I was still a person of value, and that my job was important.

Now, 3 years later and another baby later, I am still a SAHM. Proud to be. I am still involved in other ventures to keep my brain active, like my church and MOPS. I am now good at taking me time, in order to be a better mom, wife and person. I also make sure to schedule mom and dad time, using a sitter weekly to allow us this alone time (or if Kyle is working, I get me time). I need to take care of me, my marriage and my children. And, while I am not perfect, and still have moments of frustrations... I much better at this balance now. I dont feel guilty for taking me time!! I feel stronger. I feel healthier -mentally and physically. I am proud, again, of who I am and what I do...

Monday, September 14, 2009


I love it here.

I love that I can grow a great garden. This is my harvest from Sunday. One day. Still tons more to come.

I love that in September, my rose bushes still go full bloom.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two 10Ks in Two Days!!

I decided to do a 10k race recently and signed up for the Pints to Pasta in Portland for Sept 13th! In the end, due to odd situations, I ended up doing two 10k's back to back.

On saturday, I went to Dayton with my friend Kate and we ran in the Dayton Fiesta Run. It was too hot, but fun and a nice run. It was my first race, so I was happy to have it finished and to finish in less than one hour!! Woo Hoo. :)
Then on Sunday, I got up way early to drive to Portland for the Pints to Pasta run, which starts at Adidas and ends at the Old Spaghetti Factory. It was a fabulous day, much cooler and a beautiful race course. I had a great time, and ran in just over an hour (one and a half minutes over), which I was happy with considering it was my second race in two days. I dont have any pictures of this one, as it is hard to take pictures when running.. but it was fabulous!!!

Now, I am hooked... when is the next one? I am going to try to do some 10k's this fall and winter in prep for the Hippie Chick Half Marathon in May at Champoeg Park. :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

The biggest loser

Ok, so in January, I did something I never thought I would do. I joined a competition at my gym. It was my gym's version of the Biggest Loser.

I was extremely embarrassed to join this competition, for many reasons. Some people dont get this. But the truth is, when you are overweight, you are not proud of it. simply put. I was not proud of my "needing" to join this competition, nor the fact that I weighted in at a whopping *#! on the first day. See, I still cannot type in the weight. It is truly something that I have been afraid to admit since January. That is why I have not posted about this before. All during my time in the competition, I was thinking about blogging as a way to track my progress, but never started the blog because I knew I would have to fess up. Type in the number.

8 months later I still struggle. 8 months, countless hours at the gym, miles running and a 53 pound weight loss. Yes... 53 pounds. I can hardly believe it. that is what my two children weigh together. Now, I know, on the show.. folks lose a lot more than that. But I dont have 6-8 hours a day to work out. I wanted to lose weight doing something I could and would maintain. Not cutting out anything completely, nor exercise an excessive amount.

My weight loss has been obvious, and I have been bombarded by questions as to how I have done it. After a couple months, I was freely telling most people about my workouts, ensuring healthy eating and portion control and even telling others about the competition as it was a huge motivator and support system. I go to an all women's gym, so there were only women in this competition. But the truth was, I didn't want to compete AGAINST them, rather against my own self. I know me. I am a competitive spirit. So, this BL worked well for me. Each week I had to weigh in, have my weight recorded so that anyone in the gym could see (including any gains, which thankfully I never experienced!!)... I also met some amazing women. All very different than me, but sharing one main goal.... to get back to a healthy lifestyle. Yes, that goal was measured weekly in pounds, but it was beyond that.

So, in the end there were four of us at the final weigh in.. most had dropped off through the months. We formed a strong bond and still meet regularly to keep each other going with support, friendship and motivation. I had lost 53 pounds and 26 % body weight (for those of you wondering what the number was, you can do the math.. I still dont want to type it. Now, not from embarrassment, but because it truly does not matter).

Here are the before, after and our celebration dinner!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


It is August. It means one thing to me. Well, ok, so two things. My birthday is in August. However, even that has overshadowed this one thing. Training/Opening/School. You see, from 1994 til after Allie was born, I worked in Higher Education, primarily Residence Life/Community Living. What does that mean? Too many things to list... but for August it means one thing. Training. More Training and oh, training. Often it means late nights, retreats, leadership, presentations, behind closed doors, ice breakers, name games, countless late nights. I cannot tell you how exhausted I get just remembering the years of trainings. I also cannot tell you how exhilerating it was. New beginnings, exciting students, emerging leaders, fresh start, clean residence halls, excitement, nervousness.... all filled into one month. I loved it. I hated it. All at the same time.

Do I miss it? Yes. Not a bit. Completely. Never. Funny how something can be so many conflicting things. In the years I was involved in residence life I developed a strong sense of self, met many amazing people (still whom I consider my best friends and even a husband), and grew emotionally, physically and intellectually. Res Life helped shape me into the person I am. Well, my experiences in Res Life. Beginning with life in Bartlett and Lathrop, working with the Flodins (love you) and Sheesh. Now, each day, this me is shaped by the wonders and antics of my two daughters. They keep me busy, sometimes into the wee hours of the morning.. just like my students. Actually, I know it was all the years of being on duty/call that trained me so well for the up and down at night lifestyle of a new mother and then of a mother of a three year old who is not a good sleeper. :) I can operate pretty darn good with broken sleep.

Anyway, as many of my friends are still engrossed in this life, I cannot help but think of them all during this time.. especially as it winds down for many and the big opening looms. I am not sure that I will ever go back to this work, but I know it will always be a part of me. Someday I will once again experience residence life, as I am bringing my daughters to their residence hall to begin college. WOW. that is a long time off... but it is there...and I will be filled with admiration and nastalgia.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I began this post because I was staying up at night with random thoughts in my head and i have always heard journaling is a great way to empty that out and get some rest. Instead of a nice little pen and pad of paper by my bed, i thought, hey.. another blog. and yet, i have barely made time to write on it, nor even send out a link so anyone can read it. So, now i am at a place of contemplating its purpose and necessity.

Do I need somewhere to vent? praise? sing? whatever? Do I share the link? With whom? Do I want folks to read what I am writing? So, I will think and pray on this and perhaps clarity will come my way. If thinking and praying dont work, I have a nice bottle of wine that I am sure will do the trick.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Simply Amazing.

This past week we were blessed to have this out our back door.

It was amazing. I love moments like this. Unexpected beauty that stops you. Well, stops you for a moment, then you run for your camera. Take picture and stop again. Look. Listen. You can almost hear the colors dancing. That is how I always felt watching the Northern Lights growing up in Alaska. Amazed and mesmerized. Even as an adult and in college, when the lights were out, students would run outside in bitter cold just to watch the colors dance across the northern sky. Simply spectacular.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

34 amazing years.

Today is my 34th birthday. While my life has not always been full of bubbles and sunshine, it has always been mine and has shaped me to be the woman I am now. I am proud of who I am. That is not always easy to say, but after years of counseling and reflection and prayer, I am. I am proud of me.

The current life I lead is one of ease, contentment and love. The excitement in my life is one of happiness not of drama. I love that. Had enough drama for one life time, thank you.

So, what are some of my greatest memories.... oh, where to begin. I remember when my youngest sister and brother were born. I remember my 6th grade teacher being one of the most amazing women I know. I remember high school being more fun than challenging. I remember college being when I first began to explore who I was, really. I remember leaving Alaska wondering where I was going and would I ever return. I remember walking around OSU feeling so overwhelmed and brave at having left all I knew and my home. I remember meeting Kyle. I remember how it felt to fall in love with Kyle. I remember our first years together, the passion and excitement. The hours of talking about where life would take us. I remember our wedding day and our vows. I remember our many road trips and vacations, as a couple and with friends. I remember finding out I was pregnant with Allie. I remember watching Kyle hold Allie right after she was born. I remember deciding to be a stay at home mom (boy did that change my life...). I remember Shannon joining our family.

Truly, I remember a lot. Little events, big ones, happy and sad. that is one of the amazing things about humans.. we get to remember where we have been, and use it to shape who we are and where we are going. I hope I always remember to be thankful for the gifts in my life. Happy Birthday to me. :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Positively Blessed.

So, i called this blog "positively me".... it was a reminder to me to strive to be positive and not get caught up in minor things or negativity. I am truly blessed and life is wonderful.. it is true. I really have nothing to complain about. Funny, though, I do find time and topics to complain on... yet when you cut to the root of everything, I am so very lucky to have my life. I have a wonderful family, wonderful friends, great house, plenty of life's necessities and many of life's extras. I am often puzzled how I got her, how I found my way to this place. Actually, I spend a lot of time thinking of this and thanking God for leading me down this path. There are so many other places I could have gone, and none would have been as perfect for me as this place, with these people. Really. I am so blessed.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A new blog for me.

So, I have only recently begun blogging... though the blog i started really is about my girls... and while i enjoy that blog, often i find myself wanting to put an entry in, then realizing it does not really fit into that, here I am. I have never been a great writer or journaler (is that a word??)... I often try to start journals, but they usually end up collecting dust instead of my thoughts. So, will this blog work? hmm... lets see.