Sunday, January 31, 2010

A new name....

So, four years ago today my name changed. Before January 30, 2006 I was known mostly as Stacie, though a few close friends called me shmo.... but for the most part, I answered only to Stacie.

Then it happened. I became mom. Momma. Mommy. MMMOOOOOOMMMMMMAAAAAAA. Some days I hear that word so much that I think I am going to go crazy. momma. momma. momma.

It is hard to believe that Allison, my oldest is four years old. So much has changed in four years.

A lot of moms I know say it is hard to remember life before kids. Really? I do remember life before Allie. I remember being able to sleep in past 6 am on days I didn't have to work. I remember going to the movies, and not animated movies. I remember sitting at a restaurant for hours visiting and hanging out, with no one else to worry about (ok, so this is not true.. occasionally I would have to worry about Kyle if he was with Scott.... the two of them tend to lose count of beverages... :) I remember scrapbooking, and leaving my craft stuff all over the house. I remember flying on airplanes with only one small carry on, and maybe one checked bag.

Now, lets see.... I answer mostly to Momma. Even Kyle refers to me as mom when talking to the girls. I rarely sleep past 6am (actually, these days 6am feels late thanks to my youngest). I finally saw Avatar last night, but before that... most movies I see are about talking animals or princesses. When I go to a restaurant, there is no leisure time.. it is all about eating and getting the kiddos to eat without them getting so bored they want to race around the place. I rarely scrapbook, as a matter of fact, I have not finished Allie's first year scrapbook (I plan to finish in March). And all you parents know how much we travel with these days....

Do I miss my former life? Nope. Don't get me wrong, we were perfectly happy and content with our lives. Nothing felt like it was missing. We have a ton of memories to treasure...

And now we have even more. Still we are perfectly happy and content with our lives. I would not say I am more happy now with children. I would say I am blessed, since I am perfectly happy with where I was five years ago AND where I am today. Sometimes I am nastalgic for the carefree happy hour visits... but in truth, I don't miss them. And, I have a sitter, so actually do get to go out every so often.

I love watching my girls play. I love the sounds of their laugh ... I wish I could bottle that sound so I could have it for all times. I love watching Kyle play with his girls. I love the way the girls look at us as if we are everything one minute, then totally mean and crazy the next.

My life is not really perfect, but I am perfectly happy... especially with my name. Momma.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Next project

I am going to turn this fabric into a king size duvet cover for my sister... not sure what he pattern will be.. but it will be simple! As soon as this quilt is done.. on to scrapbooking. I need to get Allie's book done in Feb/March, then I am going to do Shannon's at a scrapbooking weekend I get to go to in April! I am so excited!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mileage Monday

So, here is our mileage update:

Stacie: I ran three times for a total of 16.35 miles this week, and a running total of 63.15 miles which is 101.63 miles.

Kyle: He rode to work and then did one long ride for fun.. :) though he didnt make it up the hill.... His total year to date is 109 miles. Go Kyle !! :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary BL Chicks!

A year ago I joined a community of women who all had one goal in common: Get healthy. I was at a low point for me physically, and new things had to change. I new that I was ready to get in shape, and get our family back on a healthy lifestyle focus.

So, I joined Biggest Loser at Cindy's gym. To read more about it, click here.

It has been a year since this journey began. And it has truly been that.. a journey. One my whole family has been enjoying.

During this journey, I have become close to a small group of ladies who were on a similar journey... and we have continued to meet weekly to support and encourage one another. To celebrate our friendship and accomplishments, we went wine tasting and then to Suzanne's house in Carlton. It was a nice time (we missed you Terri).

Terri, Windy, Ann and Suzanne.. you four ladies are such wonderful people. You are a great source of strength and encouragement.... you all amaze me with your dedication. I thank you for all you are and do!! Keep up the good work.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mileage Monday

This week has been a busy week for running.. I ran four times, each a bit different.. but two longer runs. It was a good week, culminating in an 8 mile run in 1 hr 17 minutes.. not too bad. need to get that time 1:14, I think.. :) dont know what that number turns to be.. but seems like a good goal.

So, for this week, I ran 21 miles, bringing my mile total to...46.8 miles which comes to 75.3172 km

And Kyle's bike total is 72 Miles.

So, far, we are both doing pretty good.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mushroom Madness

I made Mushroom and Beef soup this week. I LOVE mushrooms and there is a restaurant here called the Joel Palmer House.. well, it is basically a mushroom lovers heaven. Anyway, it is on the higher end, so I cannot go there very often... thus, I have decided to try and replicate some of my fav dishes. I love their soup and their mushroom tart. So, I started with a soup. It was ok... good flavor, but I didnt cut the mushrooms small enough or a consistent size. Need to work on that. Next time I want to do a wild mushroom cream soup. oh, and the mushroom tart. Must try that.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mileage Monday

So for week number two, here is what we did:

Stacie Running: 15.6 miles (three runs, each consisting of 5 miles and one 5.6)
Year to Date Total: 25.8 miles, 41.52 Kilometers

Kyle Biking: Went on a couple long rides this week, plus to/from work.
Year to Date Total: 46 miles

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Years Project

So, the first house project of 2010. Painting the downstairs bathroom.

I didn't take a good before picture.. but here is one that I found.

And here is the after. :) New paint and new light fixture. And no toilet paper on the floor!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Mileage Check

So, as mentioned below.. Kyle gave us a challenge. 1000 k running this year for me. 1000 miles biking for him. Starting Jan 1. So, I have decided to keep a log of our mileage on this blog. So, each monday I plan to update it. (there is a box on the side for a running tally).

January 2nd, 5.2 mile run
January 4th, 5 mile run
To Date Total: 10.2 Miles, (16.415 km)

January 2nd, 8 mile bike
To Date Total: 8 mile bike

Lets keep going, Kyle!!! love you.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!! I find it amazing it is 2010. I mean, really? Where have the years gone? It seems strange to be looking at the calendar and realizing that it is 2010 when I clearly remember celebrating 1990!!

The past year has been another year full of blessings. I really have nothing to complain about. I have been surrounded by family and friends, get to spend most of my time watching my two little girls explore the world and be amazed at each turn and do this with my best friend standing beside me (when he is not working or sleeping!! :)

What is my new years resolution? I do not do that. I do not wait until January 1 to resolve to change behaviors. However, there are some areas of my life I am continuing to work on. So, below are some areas I am working on for me.

Health. 2009 was a great year for my health as I found myself back in the gym regularly and getting physically fit.. atleast more so that the past few years. So, I am continuing on that journey as I prepare for the half marathon in May.

Patience. That is also something I am desperately working to grow in my life. I find that there are times I am not as patient as I could be... or want to be. I need to work on this. For myself, for my girls, for all those who experience my crankiness when I am not.

Giver. I want to find ways to give back to our community and show our children the joys of this. We are blessed to have the means to give financially, but I want to do more than this. I will do more than this.

Love. I want to continue to raise my children knowing they are loved. By me, by their dad, by God. I want them to always feel loved. I want to share this love with my family and friends. After all, really.. what else is there than to be surrounded by those whom you love?

Happy New Year.