Saturday, March 5, 2011

I am that person...

Ok, so the coupon craze is all over the media.. there is a show on TLC about some crazy couponers, etc. Now, I have begun couponing after a presentation at a moms group, and have found it fun. I am not trying super hard, in that I have not ventured into stores I do not normally frequent (rite aid, etc). However, shopping at mostly Safeway and Albertsons, armed with my new found knowledge and patience (and a folder of coupons), we have cut our grocery bill by 30%. Nice.

OK, now this week, I may have crossed the line... Darn safeway coupons. This week there is a lot of stuff on sale, including cereal, frozen veggies and fruit snacks. (NOTE: I am not a huge fan of fruit snacks, preferring the whole fruit fruit leather at Costco, but for a special treat....) Anyway, back to the point... I have found myself making multiple trips to Safeway each day, in order to stock up... and when I say multiple, I am almost embarrassed to say I mean 6!!! ok, six in one day... that meant 16 bags of veggies, 10 boxes of simply fruit rolls, and 8 boxes of cereal. Then, of course, the next day.. I went back!!!!

All in all, I have spent under $20... and have a stocked pantry in fruit snacks and cereal... and frozen veggies.