Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Toys

Kyle recently got a new toy, a bow.... and he has loved playing with it for the past couple months...

So, I decided it was my turn.. and I got me Cricut Expression Cutter...

It does such amazing things... Cuts all sorts of shapes, designs.. You can use it for card making, decorations, scrapbooking, bulletin boards, play time, even to make the vinyl wall hanging phrases that I have been wanting... I am going to enjoy figure this thing out!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

Five years ago, Mothers day was a day to say thank you to my mom and the women in my life who served as loving role models to me... it was a day that had a little meaning, but didnt tug at my heart in the way it did for others.

Then, these two came along....

And, now.. Mothers Day has a different meaning... meaning that goes well beyond words. I know it is a day we are supposed to celebrate mothers, and society has shown us I should get breakfast in bed, gifts and feel pampered.... Yet, I think it is the opposite. It is a day for ME to give thanks and celebrate the gift I have been given.. the gift of being these two girls mom... the gift of getting unconditional love every day from the purest of hearts and souls...the gift of knowing that these two need me, love me and know me in ways that no other person will ...

Yes, being a mother is a lot of work, it is an amazing responsibility.... and it is an endless gift... I am truly blessed. As I tucked my girls in after they were sleeping, I said an extra prayer as I watched them lie there peacefully.. I said a prayer of thanks.. and of hope, for all that is yet to come.

Thank you for making me a mom.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Half Marathon Finisher!!

I did it. I ran the Hippie Chick Half Marathon.. 13.1 Miles without walking... and I ran it in a time of 2:05 and some seconds.. :) Just about 9:30 minute miles.. :) I am so happy. I had hoped to have a time around 2:05.... and I did!! It was an amazing feeling to finish, as I was exhausted... It did answer one question.. NOPE... not interested in running a marathon! I placed 169 out of 655, and in my age group, like 32 or 33 out of 89.. :) IN all honesty, my placing didn't matter.. I just wanted to finish.. and with a good time!!!!

Here are some photos from before and after....

Getting ready to go....

Keep Running... Keep Running...

And afterwards, we enjoyed camping and sitting by the fire.. though I took a few walks to avoid tightening up!!

Thanks to all my Hippie Chicks who trained and ran with me... we rock!!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Brownie Surprise

My MOPS group is having a Mothers Day Tea.. and I am providing some of the treats... So, for the chocolate treat.. I decided to make Brownie Surprise.

All you need is this:

You mix up the brownie mix, and put in a mini muffin tin. In a separate bowl, you mix up the cookie dough.

Then you drop in a bit of cookie dough in the middle of each brownie.

Bake and serve.

In each brownie, there will be a bit of chocolate chip cookie!! Yummy.... I saw this idea on a blog somewhere... and it is yummy.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mileage Update

So, as the day looms nearer (only 3 days) til the Hippie Chick Half Marathon, I logged my last miles for the two weeks. :) In the past two weeks, i have logged 26.8 miles.. check out the side bar for my totals so far.

I am just taking it easy the next couple days.... well, easy in terms of formal exercise.. I have a ton going on with other things, and so will keep my muscles warm running around doing stuff!! :)

OK, wish me luck!!!