Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Fall.

Have I mentioned how much I love FALL??? I do, I love the crisp cool air. I love the colors. I love the feeling of comfort and cozy when wearing long sleeve shirts or sweaters that have been put away for the summer months. Now, mind you, we are just beginning to experience the color changes, and it is over 70 degrees here this week so no long sleeve shirts... but I can still get ready!!

So, more pumpkin it is....

I just mixed up a batch of vanilla pudding, added some raw cinnamon and a few of my favorite things (cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, cinnamon), then layered with graham crackers and whip cream.

Not bad.. not my favorite, but good for the day. Does not keep well, as the graham crackers get soggy... but it was tasty that night!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oh Shoot, Week 3!! MANUAL!!!

This is the week we got to try out manual... it actually seems easy enough from the lesson and video, then I went to practice.

So, lighting is a challenge for me, but since that is the lesson in a week or two, I just faked it. I realized the thing about manual is that you have to basically reset and start over again after each picture... well, I guess if you are super good you may not have to or it goes fast, but for me, the beginner, this takes time and work for each shot.

Here is a shot from my first practice session.. as you can see, the lighting is off...

Then here is another while practicing. I chose my aperture first, then used my scale to adjust shutter speed, etc. This one turned out decent, but wish the model was looking at me.

And here is what I will turn in for homework... now, again, I feel like the color is off a bit in their face, and I am assuming this is my lack of knowledge about the lighting. I chose to turn this in as homework, as I want feedback on it. :)

Aren't these girls cute? Best of Friends...

We also had a creative assignment, where we were supposed to think of a color and take a picture.. I did take some fall photos, then captured this one of Shannon. I am not sure what color it reminds me of, but it sure makes me feel happy.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall... it is here !!

So, officially Fall is here.. and while the colors are just beginning to change around here, I enjoyed a nice cool run this morning and could smell Fall coming...

To celebrate, I decided to make a Fall treat...

I used a few of my favorite things...

Mixed 'em up...
Put 'em in a pan...

And put it in the oven, enjoyed it an hour later.....

I. Heart. Fall!!!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh Shoot Week 2! Aperture!!

Oh Shoot! This class is great. I have learned more in two weeks taking this online class, than one year reading my "books". Goes to show I just learn better having someone walk me through it, whether on line video or in person.

So, week two was all about apertures... this is what I wanted to learn most! How to get the bokeh I desire (bokeh is photo slang for background fuzziness). :) see, I am even speaking the language!!!

Here is my homework!!

Closed Aperture

Open Aperture

Some practice shots!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh, Shoot!!!

I have started a new photography class, and am super excited. Yes, in my spare time, I will be doing homework once again. But luckily, this homework is fun and will only make my life more enjoyable... It drives me crazy to not understand why some photos turn out well, and others not.. and I know I have a great camera, I am just not using all its great features.. but in 8 weeks, that will not be the case.

Week one: Shutter speed. Here are my attempts at shutter speed..... Our homework was to take pictures of moving things at a fast and slow shutter speed....


this last one was a bit dark because my ISO needed to be increased... oh well, gotta learn some how. ;)


Also, we learned about panning and were supposed to practice this.. I actually thought these turned out pretty cool..

I am super excited to see what the next week brings...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dear Abby....

I just returned from a long trip... My family went to Ohio and then to Texas.

Ohio is where my mom and my brother live. I have not been there to visit in a very long time, and it was the first time we had gone for more than a night. So, it was way overdue. I had avoided going for a long time, for many reasons that seem to long and complicated to list. Mostly it comes down my own feelings and trying to find ways to be there, enjoy our time, and not get wrapped up in issues of the past.

And, while I feel that was accomplished, I have come home with a heavy heart. Actually, with an ache in my heart. Not even sure I know what to say about it. Just that my heart hurts.