Thursday, December 29, 2011

Getting it all out there.

The past few months with no running has been strange for me.   I still go to the gym, and often get a good workout it.. but it has not been the same.  I have not pushed myself as hard.  I have given myself room to slack.   And, to make matters worse, when I am not as disciplined at the gym, I am not as disciplined at nutrition and eating either...   yuck.  So, now, I am up in weight.    This is hard for me to admit, but I fear if I do not put it in writing and face it, I will not deal with it  and shed these pounds before they multiply.  They have a tendency to do that, you know.  Multiply.   Grow.  Get bigger.  

Gosh, it seems so cliche to be talking about losing weight in January... but then again, it is the beginning of the year, so a perfect time to set goals.  I will set other goals, too.. but will get to that later.

So, here it is.  10 pounds.  My goal.  Down, not up.  I was comfortable at my previous weight, even if I still could have used to shed a few more pounds.  And, for the most part, it was easy to maintain.  Until the past 6 months.  So, time to get back.   I will report regularly in January as my accountability check.   No before or after pics of my in my sports bra, though. : )    even after 10 pounds, that is not something I can do. ;)  heheheh.  I have never had that six pack, or even a two pack... So, I will just document my progress. :)

Oh, and I am big on setting goals, and then having a plan to achieve them.  So, in order to accomplish this... I am going to...

 1.  food and fitness journal.  I will journal daily my food, water and fitness. I  use my fitness pal.  This makes it so easy.
2.  Calorie watch.  I will not exceed daily calories, nor will i go under too far.  
3.  Alcohol consumption will be limited to once a week.
4.  Coffee with creamer will be reduced to 2 times a week, and only 2 cups each time.. or even less. I may just stop buying the creamer.
5.   I will get in a 60-90 min workout 5 times a week.

My reward.   Simple.   back to 155.   Feeling better.   Oh, and I will buy myself those cute Silver Suki's I have been checking out....

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


For those who have been there....  Do you miss it? 

For those who are still there, probably not.  For me, right now, Yes.

I miss it.  The calm.  The snow.  The cold.  The mountains.  The snow.


Sunday, December 11, 2011


This year, December has once again creeped up on us.... Where did November go?  

As sneaky as it was, I was ready!   The past two years I have gotten out my advent calendar a couple days late.. not this year.  It was out and hung up 3 days early (note to self, do not do that again.. pure torture for children).

And, this year I made an advent candle wreath with my moms group.  I love it and the children love lighting the candles each Sunday and talking about the promises God made that led up to Jesus' birth!  So exciting for them.

Tonight as we were lighting the candles, I was sitting across from my youngest and I could see the glimmer in her eyes.. Not the glimmer reflecting from the candles, but the glimmer reflecting from pure joy and excitement as we lit the candles and talked about Christmas coming...  

We have been talking a lot about presents, and the greatest gift of all .. Jesus, given to us to be our Savior....  and how each time we see a present under a tree, we are reminded of this gift... and are to say a prayer of Thanksgiving!!  

I am amazed at the depth to which my children can show God's love during this time.. they are so young and innocent, they remind us to stop and enjoy each moment, each Christmas decoration, every light and ornament... they are all reminders to us of the true Spirit and Wonder of Christmas.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Angel Food Candy

In honor of my grandma, I decided to make Angel Food Candy on the day of her funeral (since I was not able to go).   Now, my grandma and grandpa used to make hundreds of pounds of candy each holiday season and sell it...  but the Angel food candy was my favorite...

So, I decided to make some.  On the day of her funeral, I realized I was missing the main ingredient..  Sun.  You see, my grandma always says it has to be a clear day to make it... So, I waited til Wed.

Then, the fun began..

You take the above ingredients and cook them..

 Til they are 300 degrees...

Then you add Baking soda and watch it bubble like a magic potion!!

 Pour it in a pan..

Check out the bubbles. Now, hope they stay... often, it falls flat....

Oops.. it fell.  :(  so sad.

I cut into it, but something was off.. to dense.  will have to try again.

Sorry Grandma...

Friday, November 25, 2011

Goodbye Grandma

It is never easy to lose a loved one.  Yesterday, my grandmother passed away.  In many ways, I am rejoicing.  She is with God now, and with my grandpa.  She is no longer in pain, and can run around and enjoy the blessings of heaven and all its glory.

However, still there is sadness.  For me, it is a unique sadness.   You see, my relationship with my grandmother is hard to describe.  She loved me, and I loved her.  That is true.  It is also true that we really did not know each other well.  You see, she lived in Wisconsin, and due to the realities of my youth (too long to go into), I did not see her often.  As a matter of fact, it was not until I was in college that I really spent any time with her and Grandpa.

In college, I got involved in student affairs as an RA then an RD.   Each year, there is a large professional recruitment conference in Osh Kosh Wisconsin.   So, I started attending each year.   It was during these trips that I was able to extend my days so that I could spend time with my grandparents.      Her and grandpa surprised me by showing up to my college graduation when I received my masters degree at OSU.  I was thrilled they were there, and was humbled by how proud they were.   They were hard working, honest, simple, loving people.   My grandmother knew how to take care of her family and loved to do so... One of the ways she showed her love was through letters.  She was great at writing letters.  I remember once during college the shock I had when I checked my email and had an email from my Grandma!!  She was using her neighbors computer, and it made her so nervous, she wrote out the letter by hand first, then went over and typed it word for word.   :)  Another way she showed her love was through cooking.   She loved to have her family at her home and cooked large meals to celebrate.  Her and grandma were also well known for their candy they made every holiday season.    

I am sad that she is gone from this earth.  I am sad that we did not see each other often.  I am sad she never met my children,  (she even shares a birthday with Allison).   And I am thankful she is with God and grandpa and that some day we will meet again.  

Rest in peace, Grandma.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Top 5 Things to be Thankful For

November is a busy month.  It always seems like it flies by, and I am not sure where the time has gone.  However, I always try to focus on being thankful during November.    Really, this should be my focus year round, and November is just at time to remind me of that and give me a boost. ;)  

So, in that spirit... here are the 6  things I am most thankful for...  and this is not in order... :)

1.  My husband.   I knew when I married him that he is the love of my life, and that with him, I am better and stronger.  What I did not know was how amazing our life would be and how each day I would grow to love him more.

2.  My children.  Allie.  Shannon.   There are not words to describe how I feel about them.   Just last night I was watching them sleep and was overcome by wonder.. these two amazing creatures that He has entrusted to me (and Kyle) to raise so that they may be a blessing to others in this world.  Awesome.  And, each day, they make me proud to be a part of their life now and in the future.

3.  Basic needs.  I am so very thankful for the fact that I do not have to worry about the things in life that we need to survive.   Too many people have to worry about food, clothing, homes, safety... and I remember times growing up where it was a struggle.  I feel blessed to be in a position to share and give to others now.

4.  My family.  We are not a picture perfect family.  we are spread all over.   And, we are family.  

5.  Friends.   I know that there are those in my life who have left an imprint greater than they will ever know, helping to shape me into the person I am today and will be tomorrow. 

6.  God.  I did not grow up knowing Him, or His love for me.   It was not a huge topic in my life, yet I always knew something was missing.  today, I am thankful for my faith and for the grace that we have because of God and His Son.  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Progression of Healing.... or not Healing..

So, what began with just ice and rest ..

moved on to some myo-fascial release (stretching and exercising), using these torture elements....

Then, to add to that, I began taping my foot to look like this....

And then, I added these lovely shoes....  Yes, Birks are back!!

And Finally, I have even added this sexy thing!!

Seriously, what is left???

Friday, October 28, 2011

Paper or Computer?

This is what my nightstand looks like....

Yep, books and a Kindle.   So, I had avoided the Kindle for a long time, feeling a bit nostalgic about the need to hold a book and turn the pages as I read.  I feared that if I bought a Kindle, I would join the ranks of those who will eventually cause the closure of all the lovely small bookstores that add character to towns and cities.

However, this summer, I became a Kindle owner and user... and, in truth, have read more books since I go the Kindle than the past 2 years together... Yikes.   Why?  Perhaps it was the newness?   the convenience of being able to start a new book if I finish one without getting up?   Traveling ease?    Who knows, but it is true.     Right now, however, I am reading a paperback book I borrowed from a friend... I almost bought it for my Kindle, but thought it was silly to spend the money when I can borrow it from a friend...

So, am I contributing to the decline of books?  Will my children grow up using books as I did?   Only God knows.  But I have come to realize I cannot hold back time...  I love books, AND I love my Kindle.   And, in truth, those people who came before me probably felt the same about telephones, cell phones, computers, calculators, etc... items which seem so essential to me now....

Do you have a Kindle?   Or, are you committed to the books we all grew up treasuring???  Hmmm... seems like a trivial decision, yet reflects a lot about life moving forward....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Food

I love fall.   As you know.   So many things about Fall.

One thing about Fall I love ...  Sweet potatoes and Brussel Sprouts.  Yes, Brussel Sprouts.  Yummy...

Just chop them up, add some onion slices, garlic, Northwoods spices and a little olive oil (yes, a very little)...

Stick them on the pan and roast them in the oven...

Perfection in Fall Foods!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wish I were here....

Do you know where this is???

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Warrior Dash

Due to PF (See post below), I was not able to do the Warrior Dash this year.. I just didn't want to put my foot/leg through that...

So, instead I got to take pictures...

Let me just say, it is not as much fun to sit on the sides and take pictures.  Just sayin'.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Plantar Fasciitis....

 Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. This tissue is called the plantar fascia. It connects the heel bone to the toes and creates the arch of the foot.

Diagnosis...  well, you can see a doctor, you can talk to your doctor husband, you can talk to physical therapists, you can talk to personal trainers.... and you can use common sense.

For me, the diagnosis was made by using all the above methods.

Treatment plan:  stop running.  stop running?   really?  yep.  stop.  not cut back.  stop.   

Emotional response: not good.   Just saying.  not good.   When your well being is so interconnected with keeping yourself active, maintaining a healthy weight (not easy for all of us), and overall need of quiet time of running and endorphins from exercise... an debilitating injury can cause much emotional stress.

See, I have not always been a runner.  Many of you know I ran when we lived in Philly, then didnt anymore for a while, then started up again after Shannon was born and I hit a weight wall .. I needed a change, and I found it at the gym. I love to exercise.  I enjoy running, spinning and strength training.  Running has become my fall back, though.  When I cannot do anything else, I go for a run.  I run races, not to compete against others, but to continually motivate myself and give me new goals. 

However, this summer I ran even though I knew I was injured. I kept running, even when it hurt and I knew it was resulting in bad form. I just wanted to get through the relay.    

Well, I did.. I limped through that last 6 miles...  and now, I have only run once in 5 weeks.. and it hurt.  a lot.  more than i thought.  Frustration.   Exhaustion (not from working out, but from not working out).   Apathy.   Irritability.   Hmm. something has to change (besides my foot healing, of course).

So, I have come to this conclusion. I have to let it heal.  Which means... no running.  I will not delay its healing by running too soon.  I am going to focus on strength training and do limited cardio with extra foot support (wearing cycling shoes for spinning). 

Ok, so that is what I will do. I will not gain the weight back while I am not running, since I will keep going to the gym and maintaining my strength... and watching what I eat.  I will not let my emotions get the better of me, either... nor my ego.  I will wait until my body tells me it is time, then I will be running again.... in time for the Spring races and next summer.... :)

Anniversary Trip

To celebrate our 10 years married, Kyle arranged for us to go on a Sea Kayak Adventure in the San Juan Islands....

To say it was amazing, would be an understatement......   The entire weekend was full of amazing views, good company, delicious food, and lots of laughing...

Taking the ferry to Friday Harbor to meet up with the tour...


We knew we had chosen the right tour guides when we saw the gear they brought... yes, that is a case of wine.  :)

Posey Island, our one acre state park we had to ourselves for the weekend...

Setting up camp...


Night one appetizers...  we realized quickly we were not going to lose weight on this trip.. wine, two kinds of cheese, bread, crackers and even some lavender and candles.. :)

The bathroom...

Day 2... Beautiful weather...

While on a hike on Stuart Island, a pod of orcas passed right under us.. amazing!!!  

Back to paddle...

 I would go again. tomorrow.  amazing.