Monday, August 24, 2009


It is August. It means one thing to me. Well, ok, so two things. My birthday is in August. However, even that has overshadowed this one thing. Training/Opening/School. You see, from 1994 til after Allie was born, I worked in Higher Education, primarily Residence Life/Community Living. What does that mean? Too many things to list... but for August it means one thing. Training. More Training and oh, training. Often it means late nights, retreats, leadership, presentations, behind closed doors, ice breakers, name games, countless late nights. I cannot tell you how exhausted I get just remembering the years of trainings. I also cannot tell you how exhilerating it was. New beginnings, exciting students, emerging leaders, fresh start, clean residence halls, excitement, nervousness.... all filled into one month. I loved it. I hated it. All at the same time.

Do I miss it? Yes. Not a bit. Completely. Never. Funny how something can be so many conflicting things. In the years I was involved in residence life I developed a strong sense of self, met many amazing people (still whom I consider my best friends and even a husband), and grew emotionally, physically and intellectually. Res Life helped shape me into the person I am. Well, my experiences in Res Life. Beginning with life in Bartlett and Lathrop, working with the Flodins (love you) and Sheesh. Now, each day, this me is shaped by the wonders and antics of my two daughters. They keep me busy, sometimes into the wee hours of the morning.. just like my students. Actually, I know it was all the years of being on duty/call that trained me so well for the up and down at night lifestyle of a new mother and then of a mother of a three year old who is not a good sleeper. :) I can operate pretty darn good with broken sleep.

Anyway, as many of my friends are still engrossed in this life, I cannot help but think of them all during this time.. especially as it winds down for many and the big opening looms. I am not sure that I will ever go back to this work, but I know it will always be a part of me. Someday I will once again experience residence life, as I am bringing my daughters to their residence hall to begin college. WOW. that is a long time off... but it is there...and I will be filled with admiration and nastalgia.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I began this post because I was staying up at night with random thoughts in my head and i have always heard journaling is a great way to empty that out and get some rest. Instead of a nice little pen and pad of paper by my bed, i thought, hey.. another blog. and yet, i have barely made time to write on it, nor even send out a link so anyone can read it. So, now i am at a place of contemplating its purpose and necessity.

Do I need somewhere to vent? praise? sing? whatever? Do I share the link? With whom? Do I want folks to read what I am writing? So, I will think and pray on this and perhaps clarity will come my way. If thinking and praying dont work, I have a nice bottle of wine that I am sure will do the trick.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Simply Amazing.

This past week we were blessed to have this out our back door.

It was amazing. I love moments like this. Unexpected beauty that stops you. Well, stops you for a moment, then you run for your camera. Take picture and stop again. Look. Listen. You can almost hear the colors dancing. That is how I always felt watching the Northern Lights growing up in Alaska. Amazed and mesmerized. Even as an adult and in college, when the lights were out, students would run outside in bitter cold just to watch the colors dance across the northern sky. Simply spectacular.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

34 amazing years.

Today is my 34th birthday. While my life has not always been full of bubbles and sunshine, it has always been mine and has shaped me to be the woman I am now. I am proud of who I am. That is not always easy to say, but after years of counseling and reflection and prayer, I am. I am proud of me.

The current life I lead is one of ease, contentment and love. The excitement in my life is one of happiness not of drama. I love that. Had enough drama for one life time, thank you.

So, what are some of my greatest memories.... oh, where to begin. I remember when my youngest sister and brother were born. I remember my 6th grade teacher being one of the most amazing women I know. I remember high school being more fun than challenging. I remember college being when I first began to explore who I was, really. I remember leaving Alaska wondering where I was going and would I ever return. I remember walking around OSU feeling so overwhelmed and brave at having left all I knew and my home. I remember meeting Kyle. I remember how it felt to fall in love with Kyle. I remember our first years together, the passion and excitement. The hours of talking about where life would take us. I remember our wedding day and our vows. I remember our many road trips and vacations, as a couple and with friends. I remember finding out I was pregnant with Allie. I remember watching Kyle hold Allie right after she was born. I remember deciding to be a stay at home mom (boy did that change my life...). I remember Shannon joining our family.

Truly, I remember a lot. Little events, big ones, happy and sad. that is one of the amazing things about humans.. we get to remember where we have been, and use it to shape who we are and where we are going. I hope I always remember to be thankful for the gifts in my life. Happy Birthday to me. :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Positively Blessed.

So, i called this blog "positively me".... it was a reminder to me to strive to be positive and not get caught up in minor things or negativity. I am truly blessed and life is wonderful.. it is true. I really have nothing to complain about. Funny, though, I do find time and topics to complain on... yet when you cut to the root of everything, I am so very lucky to have my life. I have a wonderful family, wonderful friends, great house, plenty of life's necessities and many of life's extras. I am often puzzled how I got her, how I found my way to this place. Actually, I spend a lot of time thinking of this and thanking God for leading me down this path. There are so many other places I could have gone, and none would have been as perfect for me as this place, with these people. Really. I am so blessed.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A new blog for me.

So, I have only recently begun blogging... though the blog i started really is about my girls... and while i enjoy that blog, often i find myself wanting to put an entry in, then realizing it does not really fit into that, here I am. I have never been a great writer or journaler (is that a word??)... I often try to start journals, but they usually end up collecting dust instead of my thoughts. So, will this blog work? hmm... lets see.