Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary

So, my hubby and I celebrated 10 years of marriage this past month.. and to surprise me, he made reservations for us to go on a 3 day sea kayak tour out of the the San Juan Islands...

I have always wanted to go sea kayaking with the orcas... but Kyle has always said he thought it was a bad idea (he compared it to dressing up like their dinner...)

None the less... we are going. without the girls. (This will be our first time that we will have left them without either of us).

Here is where we will be staying at night...

here is what we will be doing during the day...

This is what I am dreaming of...

or this.. (minus the little human in the middle)

Are you jealous yet? I am so excited. i will take pictures for you.

Triathlon... FINISHER

I did it.. :) (well I did it two months ago, but just getting to the post..) it may not have been as pretty as I would have liked.. but I did it... I have to be honest, I was out of sorts with the swim, but loved the bike ride, and then took a whole mile of the run before my feet did not feel like they were stuck in cement..

My goal was 2 hours, and I came in way under that.. but learned a few valuable lessons..
1. your transition times can kill you.
2. no kids in the transition area. slows you down.
3. do not get in swim lane with crazy man who cannot swim straight.
3b. oh, and practice circle swimming.. lots.
4. it does matter what kind of bike you have.. i ended up using Kyle's because he was sick and what a difference.. his bike rocked!!
5. I need to figure out the the trick to making your legs work when you start the run. :)
Yep, i am planning to do it again next year... :)

my cheerleaders.. :)