Sunday, December 11, 2011


This year, December has once again creeped up on us.... Where did November go?  

As sneaky as it was, I was ready!   The past two years I have gotten out my advent calendar a couple days late.. not this year.  It was out and hung up 3 days early (note to self, do not do that again.. pure torture for children).

And, this year I made an advent candle wreath with my moms group.  I love it and the children love lighting the candles each Sunday and talking about the promises God made that led up to Jesus' birth!  So exciting for them.

Tonight as we were lighting the candles, I was sitting across from my youngest and I could see the glimmer in her eyes.. Not the glimmer reflecting from the candles, but the glimmer reflecting from pure joy and excitement as we lit the candles and talked about Christmas coming...  

We have been talking a lot about presents, and the greatest gift of all .. Jesus, given to us to be our Savior....  and how each time we see a present under a tree, we are reminded of this gift... and are to say a prayer of Thanksgiving!!  

I am amazed at the depth to which my children can show God's love during this time.. they are so young and innocent, they remind us to stop and enjoy each moment, each Christmas decoration, every light and ornament... they are all reminders to us of the true Spirit and Wonder of Christmas.

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