Thursday, December 29, 2011

Getting it all out there.

The past few months with no running has been strange for me.   I still go to the gym, and often get a good workout it.. but it has not been the same.  I have not pushed myself as hard.  I have given myself room to slack.   And, to make matters worse, when I am not as disciplined at the gym, I am not as disciplined at nutrition and eating either...   yuck.  So, now, I am up in weight.    This is hard for me to admit, but I fear if I do not put it in writing and face it, I will not deal with it  and shed these pounds before they multiply.  They have a tendency to do that, you know.  Multiply.   Grow.  Get bigger.  

Gosh, it seems so cliche to be talking about losing weight in January... but then again, it is the beginning of the year, so a perfect time to set goals.  I will set other goals, too.. but will get to that later.

So, here it is.  10 pounds.  My goal.  Down, not up.  I was comfortable at my previous weight, even if I still could have used to shed a few more pounds.  And, for the most part, it was easy to maintain.  Until the past 6 months.  So, time to get back.   I will report regularly in January as my accountability check.   No before or after pics of my in my sports bra, though. : )    even after 10 pounds, that is not something I can do. ;)  heheheh.  I have never had that six pack, or even a two pack... So, I will just document my progress. :)

Oh, and I am big on setting goals, and then having a plan to achieve them.  So, in order to accomplish this... I am going to...

 1.  food and fitness journal.  I will journal daily my food, water and fitness. I  use my fitness pal.  This makes it so easy.
2.  Calorie watch.  I will not exceed daily calories, nor will i go under too far.  
3.  Alcohol consumption will be limited to once a week.
4.  Coffee with creamer will be reduced to 2 times a week, and only 2 cups each time.. or even less. I may just stop buying the creamer.
5.   I will get in a 60-90 min workout 5 times a week.

My reward.   Simple.   back to 155.   Feeling better.   Oh, and I will buy myself those cute Silver Suki's I have been checking out....

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