Thursday, December 1, 2011

Angel Food Candy

In honor of my grandma, I decided to make Angel Food Candy on the day of her funeral (since I was not able to go).   Now, my grandma and grandpa used to make hundreds of pounds of candy each holiday season and sell it...  but the Angel food candy was my favorite...

So, I decided to make some.  On the day of her funeral, I realized I was missing the main ingredient..  Sun.  You see, my grandma always says it has to be a clear day to make it... So, I waited til Wed.

Then, the fun began..

You take the above ingredients and cook them..

 Til they are 300 degrees...

Then you add Baking soda and watch it bubble like a magic potion!!

 Pour it in a pan..

Check out the bubbles. Now, hope they stay... often, it falls flat....

Oops.. it fell.  :(  so sad.

I cut into it, but something was off.. to dense.  will have to try again.

Sorry Grandma...

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